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Michigan Man

Mike Michigan began making top quality jumpsuits in 1983 because he couldn't find anybody who thought that using Nylon in a jumpsuit was a good idea. This is how Michigan Enterprises was born.

To this day Mike still cuts out every suit himself. With 40 years of extensive skydiving experience as the foundation for his understanding of freefall aerodynamics and 29 years of jumpsuit manufacturing it's understandable why Michigan suits are the most durable and well designed jumpsuits on the market today. Using materials and construction techniques similar to the way a parachute harness and container is built, Michigan suits are not only durable but, give you the best value for your hard earned skydiving dollar. Being able to spend your skydiving dollars on jumps is much better than having to replace a Jumpsuit often.

We offer free phone/email coaching for all Michigansuit owners. If you buy one of our suits we will teach you how to skydive from Exit to Landing your parachute.


The Tetris suit has everything you need already built in. Cordura booties, Rubber soles, inside leg grips, Cool-max lining, Zippered pocket, Cordura Knee's and reinforced Spandex. These are all standard options keeping it simple to order. Options like Padded booties are available if you want to super charge the already most reactive bootie on the market.



The Classic Michigan suit is the best "first" suit you could start out with. It comes with cordura leg and arm grips, double knees and seat and a whole lot of available options so that you can create just the right suit for the kind of jumping you will be doing.

START from $255.00


Just beginning to Freefly? Then, the Michigan Freefly suit is for you. Well balanced drag between the Arms and Legs make sit-flying a breeze. This suit comes with your choice of materials for a fast, slow or mid-range fall-rate. Torsos are cool-max lined and zippered inside pockets are standard.

READY TO FLY for $275.00

All Michigan Suits are made in the USA