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Michigan Man

Michigan Enterprises (ME), based in Oregon, has been making high quality jumpsuits designed and built by RW World Champion and Freestyle pioneer, Mike "Michigan" Sandberg since 1983. Using the highest quality and strongest materials, all the suits made at ME are built to last. No matter the discipline you decide to explore we have a suit for you. And if you decide to explore more than one discipline then we will give you a discount on the second suit no matter when you order it. When you call ME you will be talking to nobody else but the President of the company. If this is your first suit or your first Michigan Suits suit I will guide you through the material choices, color placement, different cuts and what to expect with the fallĀ­rate. We have three different bootie designs if you are looking at an RW suit. I can help you pick the right one for the kind of awesome control and tracking they will endow you with. And if you are not sure about taking your own measurements pick a time when you can have somebody with a tape measure and I will personally, over the phone, talk you through every measurement to insure they are correct. This is especially important to me because then I'm going to personally cut out your jumpsuit. Since at ME the only person you will talk to is the President and he is the one who cuts out every jumpsuit that goes out the door, if you want personal service like none other in the skydiving industry give us a try.

"Skydiving is an experience of freedom that most humans never experience" - My role in your version of that experience is to build you a suit that allows you the be consumed by that freedom as deeply as possible - Mike Michigan


The Tetris suit has everything you need already built in. Cordura booties, Rubber soles, inside leg grips, Cool-max lining, Zippered pocket, Cordura Knee's and reinforced Spandex. These are all standard options keeping it simple to order. Options like Padded booties are available if you want to super charge the already most reactive bootie on the market.



The Classic Michigan suit is the best "first" suit you could start out with. It comes with cordura leg and arm grips, double knees and seat and a whole lot of available options so that you can create just the right suit for the kind of jumping you will be doing.

START from $255.00


Just beginning to Freefly? Then, the Michigan Freefly suit is for you. Well balanced drag between the Arms and Legs make sit-flying a breeze. This suit comes with your choice of materials for a fast, slow or mid-range fall-rate. Torsos are cool-max lined and zippered inside pockets are standard.

READY TO FLY for $325.00

All Michigan Suits are made in the USA